Check Warranty Status Of Your Dell Laptop

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Three ways to check warranty status for Dell computer

Method One 01

Visit The Warranty & Contact Page.

If you have the service tag or express service code of your Dell device, you can easily check the warranty status online with a few clicks. The service tag and express service code are usually found on the back of the device.

  • Visit the warranty page of Dell in a web browser on any device
  • Enter your Dell's service tag or express service code and then hit the submit button to see the warranty status of your Dell laptop.
Method Two 02

Check Dell warranty using Support Assist

If you cannot find the service tag information on your Dell PC, you can run the built-in Support Assist tool on your Dell PC to check the warranty status.

  • Donwload and Open Dell Support Assist program on your Dell PC.
  • Once you open Support Assist program, you can see the warranty status of the device on the left pane.
Method Three 03

Check Warranty Status Via Dell Support

You can get information about your PC’s warranty status by calling up Dell’s customer care and telling the service tag or express service code. The customer care number can be found here.

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